31 July 2014

Stylish 6-pack!

. Angela is the beautiful Madame de Rosa, a Spanish modern bohemian
Highlights: Gorgeous hair and eclectic looks full of accessories!

Sincerely Jules you’re the best!!
Highlights: Always look impeccable, she rocks in heels or in a lay back sneakers. Every detail is a thoughtful extra.

. Aida is the spanish sassy girl behind Dulceida .
Highlights: She looks like one of those girls 'ooh I don't care! I'm wearing the first thing I saw in the morning', everything looks amazing on her!!

Look de Pernille is the blog of the stylist Pernille Teisbaek, not just a girl but a woman with class!
Highlights: her looks are sophisticated and powerful without being girly, she wears extremely well cut pieces.

. Ana is classy beautiful woman, and you can get to know her at Hight Street Cardigans.
Highlights: Extremely tasteful looks, she kicks ass with that red lipstick and that peculiar sense of humor! You will never guess, but she’s Romanian!

Man Repeller should be a everyday reading for women!
Highlights: She’s crazy and hilarious, sarcastic intelligence…and speaks fashion! Her style is like boy meets girl, and she tries whatever she wants and works it!

30 July 2014

is there a Fashion Philosophy?

Tommy Ton on Style.com

I do believe so! It is a concrete reality based in individual concepts to provide more than just protection that was the main goal when the clothes were primarily made, but now is so much more complex, isn’t so?
We have so many dress codes, so many style ‘categories’ and we wear fashion to communicate. to make visual statements and to connect with others. It is a way to separate individuals and simultaneously bring together others. Fashion is a whole world itself, it has evolved with history, and became a business that is everywhere around us. It represents the social aims and contexts, but at the same time tries to create them and generate this eager to consume.
Fashion begins with this idea, this mixed references that will later be translated in a piece of art, a wearable piece of art. That is concrete, but still can have so many interpretations, and who can say which one is the correct one?! It aims to tell you a story, give you a feeling or emphasize your inner voice with infinite possibilities. So it’s never just clothes!