30 July 2014

is there a Fashion Philosophy?

Tommy Ton on Style.com

I do believe so! It is a concrete reality based in individual concepts to provide more than just protection that was the main goal when the clothes were primarily made, but now is so much more complex, isn’t so?
We have so many dress codes, so many style ‘categories’ and we wear fashion to communicate. to make visual statements and to connect with others. It is a way to separate individuals and simultaneously bring together others. Fashion is a whole world itself, it has evolved with history, and became a business that is everywhere around us. It represents the social aims and contexts, but at the same time tries to create them and generate this eager to consume.
Fashion begins with this idea, this mixed references that will later be translated in a piece of art, a wearable piece of art. That is concrete, but still can have so many interpretations, and who can say which one is the correct one?! It aims to tell you a story, give you a feeling or emphasize your inner voice with infinite possibilities. So it’s never just clothes!

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