06 October 2014

Collage Magic

by Eugenia Loli
Before starting to do these awesome collages Eugenia Loli did many other things, include being a nurse, a terrible one she says (I can relate to that... I once was a physiotherapist, not terrible at all, but definitely not passionate). If this images were not enough - you can search for more on her tumblr here - she has a online shop...and the awesomeness continues!! Her work is printed on several decorative items and in clothing too, how cool is that!?

01 October 2014

to love the autumn better

The transition from summer to autumn ins't very smooth, so to make it better (as if it's possible!? puuff) I made this moodboard to inspire me for this season.

October inspirations: Hats, oversized sweaters over skirts (all kinds of skirts!), 90's supermodel glow make up, the Knits from Céline fall 14, animal print ankle boots from Zara, Leather trousers leather jackets seen on Balmain fall 14 collection or this gorgeous look from Christine Centenara, and oversized belted blazers like Haider Ackermann Fall 14, top of sheer tunics.

24 September 2014

jeune et jolie

A few days ago I saw this french movie - Jeune et Jolie - so beautiful indeed. It is very sexual, yet it has a moral issue as always between what is wrong what is right... the main character is a teenager (played by this gorgeous french model Marine Vach) discovering her sexuality, and in the meanwhile her obsession.

inspiration moodboard...

22 September 2014

from London...

Jean-Pierre Braganza ss15
Preen by Thornton Bregazzi ss15
Jonathan Saunders ss15
Antonio Berardi ss15
Peter Pilotto ss15

21 September 2014

minimal crush

I came across this brand at the London Fashion Week site (here), this capsule collection  entitled Catherine | Quin is based on a 'minimal aesthetic of studied simplicity, elegance and a purist palette of black' . What can I do, I have a crush for it! So elegant and chic, and simple...I like simple, and I like black! She designs for a 'strong, sophisticated women who want to be judged on more then their appearance yet retain their feminine sensibility'...now this is pure (fashion) poetry. Love.

20 September 2014

Half Knotted!

Guess it's cool again!! I remember wearing something like this when I was a teen...and I'll probably try this again, it's messy, young and kind of rebel (also keeps your hair from falling on your face!).

17 September 2014

NYFW Recap

Not single collection hast made me stop breathing, but there were a few looks I really liked!
Tome ss15
Rodebjer ss15
Marc Jacobs ss15
Michael Kors ss15
Tom Ford ss15
Zimmermann ss15

13 August 2014

12 August 2014

imagine this heroine

To me couture is about the extraordinary, about inspiring dreams and clothes that take our breath away, therefore the materials, the cut, the construction and embroidery make these wearable pieces of art. Maybe Couture codes are modernizing, and it's now ok to do a collection very similar to a ready to wear, as house Dior did this year.

I liked much better the way that the designer Stephane Rolland modernized his own collection of beautiful gowns, he decided to make a short fashion movie - as he wanted to try the field of movie making - about this woman, a 'free woman' as he said. For sure very inspirational and a magnificent idea to modernize the way to present Couture collections.

11 August 2014

it never gets old

Trend Alert: 60s
The sixties are coming back for the next fall/winter season [this is one of my favorite decades!!], we've seen a this inspiration in several collections on the runway like Gucci, Louis Vuitton or Saint Laurent. Looking on this decade I found some of the most influential style icons as Jane Birkin, Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve among others...the thing was easy looks and natural beauty of the woman.

Saint Laurent exalted the sixties cool pop girl with the short dresses and the glitter mary janes shoes or the hight knee boots with the black tights made the looks so beautiful. Loved the dresses and especially the coats on this collection. Louis Vuitton had some beautiful A-line coats and dresses using leather with wool, again the boots are similar to the sixties style. Gucci [love love this one!!] showed amazing clean lines on suits and dresses, in a beautiful palette of pastel tones and sometimes animal print combined with gorgeous colored fur coats.

Saint Laurent FW 2014 

10 August 2014

Art within Art

«Art within art, pictures within pictures, stories within stories…»

via fashionising.com

Photography by Jean Francois Gschwindt assisted by Chistophe Molinari Make-up: Odile Subra Hair: Carole Douard Model: Alice @ Agency New Madison Digital: Check the Gate Special Thanks: Miche Alzac Stylist: Fleur Huynh Evans

09 August 2014

what if the future is in the past?

I was so so happy when a friend of mine told me that on of my favorite books of all time was turning in to series, that I needed to share here with you. Although I was a little bit septic about the book in the beginning [I'm very picky with fantasy stories] it turned out to be amazing, it made me laugh, cry, curse and certainly fall in love with the characters, it's a beautiful romance novel with a time passage to the past. Hoping I love this series as much I loved the book [while waiting desperately for Game of Thrones do begin...] the first episode is already out and so far I really liked!

The Outlander Series

08 August 2014

A Series of Fused References - Part I

I took Sally’s challenge, and created my own mood boards on the designers references for their collections. After reading the reviews, and searching for interviews on the collection, I studied the references and interpreted them on my way. Find this exercise difficult, yet very rewarding.

Céline FW 2014

Louis Vuitton FW 2014

Marc Jacobs FW 2014

07 August 2014

Fashionable Choices

I just have come from my hometown, with effort and positive spirit…for this?! Today I had a pseudo job interview…they didn’t ask for CV or anything, they just needed two interns to work right away (like ‘can you start right now?’) !! Yey! It sounds better than it really was…packing clothes and shoes all day in a giant warehouse for a television productions company, but without the part where you get to participate in the production even as a simple intern to pick up things. With only to times scheduled for transportation, one to arrive and one to leave the place in the middle of nowhere literally!! But hey they offer you lunch!!! Yey!! I’ve tried to disguise my incredulous face…Is this the new kind of slavery? For how long do you have to work for free till you find a payed job? Do you really believe I live just from air? But I really had to make a choice 'right away' again! So I said that it didn’t meet my goals. They say you should trust your instincts, I hope mine were right.

06 August 2014

Yes, it happened!

Recently I had the opportunity to be part of the production team for Elite Model Look - Portugal, I had the best time with the people I've worked with and I really had to steeped out of my comfort zone on my mission to look for potential candidates for the contest. I have never done scouting before, so I was not aware that is not that easy after all...first you expect more kids with potential walking down the streets - not really -  it's a bit frustrating I have to say. But it would get worst...when I found a guy with the perfect image and height - that I thought 'OMG he can totally win this!' - he was just not interested! Not funny!

Lesson: it takes more than a stupendous image (and height, of course!) to be a model, you also need the character and the spirit for it.

And yesterday I ran into this interview with Lauren Cohan (Free People's Art Director of Catalog, E-Commerce and Film), and the model choices she make aren't just based on their appearance, but mustily about their personality to match the concept. She even say they research for models on instagram, hell yeah?! I found this very interesting topic...what do you think about this? is the appearance enough or personality should come along for a much better work in the end?!

05 August 2014

the absolute party prints

Fall /Winter RTW 2014

These season there are not many designers going for prints, but for me these are the best prints from the fall runway shows, they called this trend ‘Rave Prints’, and most of them have that rave vibe. But for me the exceptions are Prada or even Diane von Fürstenberg (didn’t include this last one on the image) collections, which I relate with Art Deco inspiration.

04 August 2014

Fashion Icons | J'adore Carlyne

Carlyne Cerf De Dudzeele is a legendary french fashion stylist, who's work and character are so bold and iconic [you have to see this videos!] that you can't help but being inspired by.

She started to work as a Stylist at French Elle magazine, after interning for Marie Claire.
In 1985 she moved to New York to work at Vogue, and in 1988 she styled the very first Vogue Cover for Anna Wintour, photographed by Peter Lindbergh. Which made such a buzz at the time, for putting the look of Guess jeans and a couture Christian LaCroix embellished jacket. 

“Me, I love to have fun! I am not an intellectual. Fashion is not intellectual. We are not doctors, you know? We are working in fashion. It should be hot and fun.”

She is the master of high-low garments mix, and she was responsible for the image around the supermodels era in the 90s, styling super models like Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell, and Claudia Schiffer.

Nowdays she works for V Magazine, and with photographers Steven Meisel and Mario Testino for both spanish and italian Vogue. In addiction she do several advertising projects, as this latest Mochino FW 2014 campaign that I loved. Check out her featured work here!

mixed facts:
1. She has always a golden 'party arm' going on!
2. Favorite shoe designer is Manolo Blahnik.
3. She loves colors, and mixing them.
4. Hates plataform shoes 'it just doesn't work!'
5. Abscessed with leopard print.
6. Loves a total tracksuit look with jewelry.
7. Believes that 'Chic is not money'!
8. Adores Jeremy Scoot designs.
9. She has her own language as she says, mixing French English and Italian.
10. Hates brainstorming, and prefers intuition and fun when it comes to work.

03 August 2014

to nurture the eye and the soul...

The September issue of Vogue is that fashion feature you literally get anxious to see, and Vogue Japan already put the stakes very high, don't you think?!

have you ever had that feeling?

…That your time is not enough? that you need to learn so much more, see more movies, read more books and magazines, go to more museums and be aware of the artists and their work alongside keeping up with the work from professionals you look up for…and in this super high speed clock of the fashion world, I’m kinda overwhelmed!! Did I mention relevant blogs too!? Well, thanks to Sally Lyndley and her amazing videos, that pushed me to reorganize my studies on matters of fashion, and her guided challenges have been very helpful on my journey to be an amazing stylist! Yes I’m ambitious!

02 August 2014

the modern Pocahontas wears Balmain

I’ve been dreaming about this collection since I first saw it. Oooh I love this Pocahontas! The savage rebel, true to her values​​, making the world a colorful place… this Balmain Resort 2015 collection exudes ethnic, mixing influences of Native Americans, with bold colors and a 70s vibe, running the city of angels…PERFECTION!!!

the magic light comes from a refined style

Christine Centenara is the fashion editor for Vogue Australia, and owns an amazing style. I personally think it’s intriguing…she has a super sweet eyes but such a powerful outfit statements, definitely one my references in style! Also she owns a blog where we can see her fashion choices and opinions, alongside her work at Vogue, checkout here!

01 August 2014

I’m not talking about lots of clothes

One of my dearest inspirations…A fashion legend, Diana Vreeland was a visionary, transformed the way fashion was communicated…the first to tell a story through fashion editorial, transforming to reality her own dreams and visions. 'The eye has to travel' was probably one of the first documentaries of fashion I’ve seen, and it was so inspiring that got me into tears. Now and then I have to see it again, and I truly recommend! Her professional life started at Harper’s Bazaar, then came Vogue and finally The Metropolitan Museum of Art where she produced several fashion exhibitions from 1973 to 1987. Her contribution to the fashion history is beyond her life, she settled trends, consecrated designers and her work and her imagination and perspectives on reality changed forever the world of fashion to what we know today.

31 July 2014

Stylish 6-pack!

. Angela is the beautiful Madame de Rosa, a Spanish modern bohemian
Highlights: Gorgeous hair and eclectic looks full of accessories!

Sincerely Jules you’re the best!!
Highlights: Always look impeccable, she rocks in heels or in a lay back sneakers. Every detail is a thoughtful extra.

. Aida is the spanish sassy girl behind Dulceida .
Highlights: She looks like one of those girls 'ooh I don't care! I'm wearing the first thing I saw in the morning', everything looks amazing on her!!

Look de Pernille is the blog of the stylist Pernille Teisbaek, not just a girl but a woman with class!
Highlights: her looks are sophisticated and powerful without being girly, she wears extremely well cut pieces.

. Ana is classy beautiful woman, and you can get to know her at Hight Street Cardigans.
Highlights: Extremely tasteful looks, she kicks ass with that red lipstick and that peculiar sense of humor! You will never guess, but she’s Romanian!

Man Repeller should be a everyday reading for women!
Highlights: She’s crazy and hilarious, sarcastic intelligence…and speaks fashion! Her style is like boy meets girl, and she tries whatever she wants and works it!

30 July 2014

is there a Fashion Philosophy?

Tommy Ton on Style.com

I do believe so! It is a concrete reality based in individual concepts to provide more than just protection that was the main goal when the clothes were primarily made, but now is so much more complex, isn’t so?
We have so many dress codes, so many style ‘categories’ and we wear fashion to communicate. to make visual statements and to connect with others. It is a way to separate individuals and simultaneously bring together others. Fashion is a whole world itself, it has evolved with history, and became a business that is everywhere around us. It represents the social aims and contexts, but at the same time tries to create them and generate this eager to consume.
Fashion begins with this idea, this mixed references that will later be translated in a piece of art, a wearable piece of art. That is concrete, but still can have so many interpretations, and who can say which one is the correct one?! It aims to tell you a story, give you a feeling or emphasize your inner voice with infinite possibilities. So it’s never just clothes!