06 August 2014

Yes, it happened!

Recently I had the opportunity to be part of the production team for Elite Model Look - Portugal, I had the best time with the people I've worked with and I really had to steeped out of my comfort zone on my mission to look for potential candidates for the contest. I have never done scouting before, so I was not aware that is not that easy after all...first you expect more kids with potential walking down the streets - not really -  it's a bit frustrating I have to say. But it would get worst...when I found a guy with the perfect image and height - that I thought 'OMG he can totally win this!' - he was just not interested! Not funny!

Lesson: it takes more than a stupendous image (and height, of course!) to be a model, you also need the character and the spirit for it.

And yesterday I ran into this interview with Lauren Cohan (Free People's Art Director of Catalog, E-Commerce and Film), and the model choices she make aren't just based on their appearance, but mustily about their personality to match the concept. She even say they research for models on instagram, hell yeah?! I found this very interesting topic...what do you think about this? is the appearance enough or personality should come along for a much better work in the end?!

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