07 August 2014

Fashionable Choices

I just have come from my hometown, with effort and positive spirit…for this?! Today I had a pseudo job interview…they didn’t ask for CV or anything, they just needed two interns to work right away (like ‘can you start right now?’) !! Yey! It sounds better than it really was…packing clothes and shoes all day in a giant warehouse for a television productions company, but without the part where you get to participate in the production even as a simple intern to pick up things. With only to times scheduled for transportation, one to arrive and one to leave the place in the middle of nowhere literally!! But hey they offer you lunch!!! Yey!! I’ve tried to disguise my incredulous face…Is this the new kind of slavery? For how long do you have to work for free till you find a payed job? Do you really believe I live just from air? But I really had to make a choice 'right away' again! So I said that it didn’t meet my goals. They say you should trust your instincts, I hope mine were right.

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